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What is a Digital Mobile Ad?

Full Color LED Signs That are Driven Around a Location So More Customers Can See Them. Click here to learn more

How Do I Get Started?

Simply choose the location, how long you want your ad campaign to run and check out. Then upload your image to You Will receive a confirmation that your ads are live!


The map show the Las Vegas Strip as Route and the streets that will be used for Henderson Route .

Bring a Biz Partner and Save$$$

Bring a Business Partner to Promote their business for at least 3 consecutive weeks , and get 1 week free for you! Just Our Way to Say Thank You.

Current Advertisers!

See our current advertisers that also get promoted on our websites and social media pages at no additional charge.


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What is a digital ad?

If you have been driving around and you saw a big fill color led sign, especially on the Las Vegas Strip, then you have seen a digital mobile ad. They are usually promoting upcoming concerts, special restaurants, benefit events, hotels and even the latest convention in town.

Will my ad be seen?

You may have an office or a store in strip plaza and hope more people will see your sign. But if they never drive that way or pull in to that strip plaza they may never know you exist. We will take your sign and move it all around town. We have the brightest signs available in full color. You cant miss our signs. They are eye catching and everyone will look to see who is that advertising.

Usually only for large companies with a large marketing budget, right?

We started our business to help only small business get right next to the big boys and girls, of course.

Does it have to be on the strip?

No, we are actually focussing on the Henderson area first. So you don't have to be a Strip business

How much will it cost?

We can start with as little as $250 for a 5 day week advertisement.

How do I get started?

Its simple, choose the amount you want to invest and upload your graphics, logo, and even videos.

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